The Importance of Good Photography in Web Design

The Importance of Good Photography in Web Design

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“A picture tells a thousand words” – it is an old phrase that still rings true and illustrates the importance of using images to get a message across quickly and clearly.

Good website designers will know the value and importance of using good photographs when building powerful websites. Photography is an established art for a good reason. It is a powerful tool when used properly. The shots chosen for your website can be the difference between ‘buy’ or ‘leave’ - even when if your site is otherwise superbly designed and well put together.

Which one looks more appealing to you?

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In the case above, they are in fact the same shot, only one has been professionally retouched and prepared for use. Photo retouching and colour correction are both highly specialised, time-consuming, skills which can add value to poorly presented photos on occasion. However, these skills are understandably expensive and will not necessarily bring consistency across the large number of images used in a website. All shots need to be carefully crafted using a trained photographer’s skills: subject content, lighting, framing, filtering, cropping and editing to produce truly professional images that enhance the products or services you wish to present.

A Worthwhile Investment

It is not unusual for a client to suggest using photos that they already have. Sometimes after assessment they may be ok, though this is rarely the case. More often than not, they are a stock of inconsistent shots that have been used in a variety of different projects over the years when budgets were limited, or they were taken by themselves around the office. A web designers heart will inevitably sink when browsing these old photographs, wondering how to break the news to the client that they are not worth the disk space they are stored upon and that they should invest in some professional shots.

Here at Big Red, we are trusted by clients to ensure that any investment they make harvests a quick and measured return. This includes attracting only the most relevant traffic and guiding interested users through a well crafted experience, helping move them along to a positive outcome (purchase, enquiry etc.). Every step of the way, photography needs to support the message and the sales process.

Bad or Bland Photographs

It is usually easy to spot bad photographs, there is often an easily recognisable flaw: The subject blinked, someone walked into the frame at the wrong time, too light too dark, etc. However what is just as bad is the use of bland photographs. There is nothing obviously wrong, but the photos just aren’t as good as they could be or should be. All the ingredients are there but the photographs just look unprofessional. This means your company appears unprofessional on its own website.

Making a First Impression

The recommendation that every digital marketing company (worth their salt) will make is to ensure that your photographs are:

- Professional

- Consistent and,

- Engaging.


Here at Big Red, we value the skills that a professional photographer brings to our clients' projects. They complement and enhance our own skills and are vital to the overall result. The success of any website relies upon every aspect representing your business to the highest level possible. It is quite simple essential when you are operating on the most powerful and competitive arena in the world today: The Internet.

How Does Your Photography Measure Up?

Find out more and take the test here.


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