Now is the Right Time to Invest in Your Website

Now is the Right Time to Invest in Your Website

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Currently, businesses are concentrating their efforts on what matters most. The health and safety of their staff is vital, and so a lot of businesses have made the transition to working from home. The continuity of business is also vital, and this has meant that businesses have had to prioritise all activities; for those that are able to, core activities have continued, often with staff being redeployed to help this happen.

Online Contact is Vital

Another key shift that has happened is that customers have continued to make the shift online. With face to face premises being closed indefinitely, businesses have still needed a ‘public facing’ aspect to their business to transact with their customers. That is done most effectively through their website.

Too Busy?

When we speak to companies in ‘normal’ times, we often hear similar reasons to delay investment in a website. Even if their existing site doesn’t deliver any sales, enquiries or other tangible results, we’re told that businesses just don’t have time to work on their site. They are often too involved in their day to day business. Another common justification for not investing in a website is that businesses are already too busy – with a steady stream of enquiries and referrals, they don’t need to invest in a tool to generate more business or that reflects their standing within their sector. But what happens when that 'steady stream' dries up?

The Time is Now

Unfortunately for a lot of companies, that steady stream has now stopped. Abruptly. However, if there is one thing that Covid-19 has given us, it’s time.

We are advising all business owners to use this time wisely, to work on their website, and their wider marketing strategy.

Right now, you’re likely to have a razor-sharp focus on your business. What makes it work. What differentiates you from your competitors. You’ll also have a clear understanding of who your target market really is. And you’ll need a clear plan for ramping up as quickly as possible when normality resumes.

You also need to think about the way people will continue to transact, even after the restrictive lockdown procedures are lifted. Confidence is low, and many people will be reticent to do business face to face. You’ll need a system in place to deal with this on a continual basis.

Businesses that have a website in place when that comes, one that is designed specifically to engage their audience, be readily found on search engines, and functions in the way they need it to, will be ahead of their competition. They’ll be able to recuperate lost revenues quicker. Plus, they have the time, right now, to work on it. 

What Are You Waiting For?

If this sounds like you, Big Red Digital can help.

We can work with you quickly to get you up and running, whilst guiding you along to make sure your website starts to generate you revenue when business normality resumes (if not, beforehand).

Give us a call, or email us by clicking here, and we’ll walk you through it, step by step.

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