Does Your Website Consistently Generate You Leads?

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In my role as Sales Manager, I visit our existing and many potential clients. My aim is to understand their business challenges, and to see if our offering(s) at Big Red can ease some of these challenges. The one that I hear time and time again is that businesses are often ‘too busy’ to think about their website and/or marketing. But probing a little further, this is only temporary; actually, these businesses have a cycle of busy and quiet periods. This is our client sweet spot – so how do we help them?

Consistency is key

The most successful businesses continue to do the basics of marketing, brand awareness and lead generation every week. They understand that if you do these fundamental activities in fits and starts, you’ll not get the results you’re looking for. You’ll end up with a cyclical business who scrambles around when busy to fulfil all orders, but then panics during quiet periods to find out where their next revenue influx is coming from.

To consistently grow your business, you need to consistently do many things, and marketing is one of them. You won’t notice a drop off the first week you don’t keep it up, but if you continually don’t set aside the time, you’ll start to notice a drop off in your revenue.

Time is precious

Now I know this all takes time, creativity and motivation to do this, and to be consistent – this is where we can take some of that pain away! By outsourcing your website design, and digital marketing, you can ensure that someone is doing your marketing activity for you!

Your website is available 24/7 to potential customers – those that are looking for your products or services during work hours, and those that are up at 3am searching for things on their phone before they fall asleep again. Designed and developed properly, it should be helping you find potential customers across each stage of the sales cycle – those doing research and gathering information right the way through to those who are ready and want to buy/make an enquiry about your service.

And if you outsource digital marketing, you don’t need to set the time aside to come up with all the ideas, generate content and reach your potential customers – we can do that for you. It takes expertise, as well as time, to make sure you’re attracting the right audience. We’ve a significant track record in generating the results for our clients so you don’t have to.

Outsourcing is the best option

The time to write content, to think of new ideas, to generate leads is when you’re busy; it’s simply too late when you’re quiet! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to relieve some of that time pressure, and help you generate a continuous pipeline of leads.

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As Big Red’s Sales Manager, my role is to ensure our clients see demonstrable results from their website and digital marketing strategies. I work closely with our clients to help establish specific targets for their online activity and translate this into sales/conversions.

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