Know Your Website's Sales Numbers
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Know Your Website's Sales Numbers

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My first Sales Director taught me, arguably, the most important lesson in sales – know your numbers! He wanted me to know what I had to do to be successful in sales, not what other people were expected to achieve in a similar role to me.

I had to look at every aspect of my role (number of leads generated, calls made, people spoken to, appointments generated, appointments attended, proposals generated, sales closed) and keep track of my ratios every month.

Once I knew my ratios, I had to plan out my month to hit my targets against my numbers, not a ‘typical’ sales person’s numbers. That’s all that mattered.

I wanted to share this lesson with you, as it’s vital in all aspects of the sales process, including digitally.

Do you know your website’s numbers?

It's all very well know what 'typically' happens in your industry, or what's expected of your 'type' of website (e.g. a lead generation website/E-Commerce site). But if you don't act according to your own statistics, you'll never realise the full potential of your website.

- How many visitors do you get per month?

- How many return frequently?

- How many convert?

- Is this enough?

If that answer to the last question is ‘no’, you need to look at the numbers somewhere along your website journey.

Problem Solving

Starting at the bottom of the funnel, if you’re struggling to gain conversions, look at the set up of your website – check it’s easy to navigate, it has engaging content (text, images, videos, interactive aspects) and that there are clear calls-to-action on each page delivering this information.

If you’re struggling to gain people’s interest enough to return to your site, look at how often you’re updating it, not just with content but with the most up to date technology. People will return if they get something

Ultimately, if you’re happy with your ratios, you may need to look at getting more people to your website in the first place. This can be done through Digital Marketing with some organic or paid campaigns, or through a social media strategy.

If you need some support in learning your numbers, or indeed improving your numbers, call me today to start the process.

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About The Author

As Big Red’s Sales Manager, my role is to ensure our clients see demonstrable results from their website and digital marketing strategies. I work closely with our clients to help establish specific targets for their online activity and translate this into sales/conversions.

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