Could Your 'New' Website Already Be Obsolete?
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Could Your 'New' Website Already Be Obsolete?

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Technology changes rapidly, and you’ll recognise this change every time your phone runs an upgrade, or your apps update. These updates add new functionality which have been designed and tested with the user in mind. They can eliminate bugs to make your experience better. And most platforms will give you the ability to request changes allowing you constant input.

Changing technology

If over time you don’t update the software, and sometimes the hardware, on your devices you’ll notice that the device itself or the app is slower. Eventually the app may no longer be supported in its old form. Oftentimes, not keeping your technology up to date can leave you open to security breaches.

Websites are no different – they require constant software upgrades and maintenance. As new functionality becomes the norm, the current recommendation is that they should be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis - and potentially even rebuilt every 3-5 years.


Below are the some of the main changes that have happened in the last 3 years that directly impact the way websites are used today.

1. Adobe Flash is obsolete

Adobe Flash was adopted by many on their website, and was once seen as the forefront of ‘new’ technology. It is now no longer supported by Google Chrome/iOS devices, which means that if you have a Flash widget on your website, your content simply cannot be viewed by the vast majority of web-users. Not only are you missing out on the opportunity to convey the message you wanted to, it makes your website look dated.

2. Mobile use has eclipsed desktop

Most visits to a website are now being conducted on mobile/tablets than on a fixed desktop. If your website isn’t ‘mobile responsive’ i.e. if it isn’t designed to be read and used on a mobile device, users will find it difficult to navigate. It may be slow to use and will reduce the user experience. Ultimately it may drive customers off your website (and potentially on to your competitor’s site!)

3. SSL Certificates

People are doing more online now, and security is critical to them. If your website takes sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and/or payment details, it is vital you have a secure connection to your web server. SSL certificates allow you to do this, and when applied to your site will display a padlock/green bar to show the user you have a safe connection. If you don’t have this, your website displays as ‘not secure’ which reduces customer trust, and may deter them from using your website, or worse, block them for entering your site in the first place.

It's also bad for rankings if you don't have this covered. In July last year an SSL certificate was deemed a Google requirement. Your website will be slipping down the search engine rankings if you don’t have this in place.

4. Attention spans are reduced

We live in the age of instant gratification and so people are now used to getting information quickly. If your website is slow to load, you will lose the attention of your (potential) audience before they’ve found a reason to engage with you. It is vital your website has a quick loading speed, and contains the main information required on your landing page, with clearly visible calls-to-action (CTAs).

The reality is, if your website was built before 2017, it is likely that you’ll fall foul of some or all of these major updates in technology.

When you partner with a web design agency, you need to look at a long-term approach to partner with your business which means not only looking at the technology they’ll offer you at the beginning of the contract, but the support and updates they can offer you throughout your partnership.

Big Red can help you stay current in a changing world – contact me now to start the discussion.

Roisin McNeill

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