Scotland's Web Designers – A Market Research Exercise
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Scotland's Web Designers – A Market Research Exercise

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At Big Red Digital, we like to research and understand our own marketplace just as well as those of our clients. We like to know what differentiates us as a potential partner for those consider working with us, and for our client base. It always helps to know and play to your strengths after all. So, between September and October 2018, we undertook to analyse and research as many Scottish business websites as we could find. We also identified and analysed the web designers of all shapes and sizes who created them.

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Ultimately, it took significant time and effort to collate and dissect what we found. However, it was time well spent and it allowed us to gather some very significant, not to mention surprising, data that we've been sharing with you in our recent articles and email campaigns.

In the end, we reviewed a total of 4357 Scottish business websites. Our research grew arms and legs somewhat as we quickly discovered that our own marketplace is literally saturated with hundreds (literally) of small, one-man band 'web developers'. We also noted and appreciated a wide-range of successes and failures (more on those at a later date).

With so many so-called 'web developers' in Scotland we can appreciate now more than ever, why it's easy for businesses to become confused when selecting a Web Design and Digital Marketing partner.

We invite you to read some of our recent articles on this if you haven't already seen them, starting here. We also thought we'd wrap it all up into a single, more digestible format by producing the short video below. It shows not only the stats we gathered, but highlights what we know to be THE overriding area of importance when businesses seek the help of a digital agency.

Find out what it is that we ALWAYS take into account.

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Hi, thanks for reading this article. I'm Big Red Digital's Managing Director and have been with the company since 2012. After starting my career in one of Glasgow's busiest advertising and design agencies, I made the natural shift to web design and digital marketing. I'm passionate about getting the very best results for our clients.

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