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How to Win on the Web

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How to win on the web

It is one thing to pontificate about the perceived failures of the 4357 websites that we reviewed recently (well…they weren’t ALL bad of course!) but it is time to put our money where our mouth is and give some simple rules to make a real success of your next online project!

We can condense it into these basic principles:

  • Speak in plain English in a way that your customer/target audience will understand and react to in a manner you can capitalise on. (i.e. SELL your message to them!)

  • Don’t use a pop-up website/template because you just look like everyone else and your marketing message becomes “Buy from us – we are no worse/better than the rest!”

  • Try to do more than just be an online brochure. Most physical brochures go in the bin – don’t go in the cyber-bin.

  • Get the most out of your budget by working with a professional design company that will agree performance targets and will make sure your investment pays for itself over and over again.

  • Don’t get locked in to obsolete technology and get a package that includes support and upgrades as part of the deal.

Oh yes…and talk to us!

  • We build websites that sell to your customers.

  • We build websites that separate you from the crowd in a way that speaks to your target market.

  • We build websites that link to your existing systems and build new ways of locking in your customers.

  • We build websites that pay for themselves and drive growth for our customers.

  • We build websites that are future proof and can be upgraded without being changed.

  • We get results.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you win online.

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After 33 years of running my own IT businesses, I've seen trends come, go...and come back again. With each business I've been involved in, the focus has always been on building in value for my customers. I was honoured to receive an OBE for my services to Scottish business in 2018.

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