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Trust us – it does.

After reviewing 4357 websites last month we can spot those that have cut corners versus those that have successfully avoided the pitfalls of the “budget price” or “Save 75% now” trap and did things right.

This runs through our previous articles: using a template is a nice low-cost way of creating brochureware and lifting text from existing leaflets/media cuts down on the pre-launch development costs.

Cheap As Chips Website 

And, obviously, there is a reason that some web design companies can offer to do the job for 75% off.

But like everything else in life, it shows when you cut corners… and how it shows.

If you cut corners online, in your public facing medium, your target clients may just wonder where else corners may will cut.

Fair enough – we understand: budgets are always tight and marketing is easily squeezed or can become an afterthought. But if you are selling a high quality, high value product or service, doesn’t everything count? Isn’t it even more important in those situations to make the right impression on your target market?

    • We specialise in websites that speak to our customer’s customers and don’t break the bank.

    • We achieve new website traffic increases of up to 83% helping the project pay for itself.

    • We don’t cut corners – we get results.

    Contact us now to find out how we can help you get the absolute most from your website budget.

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    After 33 years of running my own IT businesses, I've seen trends come, go...and come back again. With each business I've been involved in, the focus has always been on building in value for my customers. I was honoured to receive an OBE for my services to Scottish business in 2018.

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