Smart Red Uniform Management Platform Relaunch

Smart Red Uniform Management Platform Relaunch

Category: Uniform Management

Big Red Digital launch new updates to the Smart Red Uniform Management System (UMS). 

Smart Red - the revolutionary Uniform Management system - is in its 10th year as a stand-alone platform. It’s now in place across the globe, in-house for large corporate businesses, as well as with smaller, more entrepreneurial uniform suppliers. And everyone in between! As you can imagine, the platform has evolved since its launch because we have worked closely with our clients to develop more features forthe platform that truly benefit them. The sizes of companies Smart Red serves have started to vary widely, and with that the base requirements of the platform have fallen into distinct areas. Consequently, this has necessitated a transformation to the platform, and our approach to its development.

Our latest release introduces five separate platforms – two tailored for buyers and three designed for suppliers – each crafted to make implementation easier and quicker, streamline operations and enhance user experience.

Buyer Platforms

For buyers, we've created two procurement platforms. Buyer Lite (for businesses with fewer than 1000 employees) and Buyer Premium (for businesses with more than 1000 employees). Both platforms streamline uniform ordering, allowances and budget tracking, while the self-service nature of the platform allows employees to easily order, exchange, or report issues with their uniforms. Both are tailored with the buyer – not the supplier – in mind, ultimately reducing the administrative overhead in running uniform programmes and improving employee satisfaction for all who use it. They’re simply more tailored to the size, needs and complexity of the end users. To read more about the platforms, click on their dedicated pages.

Supplier Platforms

On the supplier side, we're introducing three powerful platforms: Supplier Lite, Supplier Plus and Supplier Premium. These platforms are built for workwear suppliers of all sizes, with the core ability to place orders directly with suppliers, taking advantage of an approvals/allowance system. 

Supplier Lite

Supplier Lite is for suppliers who target businesses with fewer than 500 wearers, and therefore have streamlined requirements. Those organisations will value the speedy implementation and simplified user functions to get customers set up and ordering quickly. This is a platform for businesses who are potentially investing in their first dedicated uniform management system, or need an upgrade from a more restricted portal. 

Supplier Plus

Supplier Plus combines our most commonly requested functionality with flexible set up, approvals and allowances in place, and the ability to integrate with external systems. Created specifically for businesses targeting 250+ wearers, this is commonly adopted by businesses needing to upgrade from their existing UMS or ordering processing system, and using the platform to give a significant competitive advantage in a busy market place.

Supplier Premium

Supplier Premium marries all the functionality that’s available in all our platforms, plus more! Additional allowances/budgets on offer, more flexibility in terms of user hierarchies and significant potential for additional integrations and bespoke development. This platform is designed for those companies who don’t want an off-the-shelf solution, and instead want to tailor the full platform and its processes to existing business workflows. A truly unique system to make you stand out.

Which Platform Is Best For You?

The reason we’ve invested heavily in creating these distinct platforms is that it allows us to rapidly implement them, and for you to realise the benefits much quicker. Each platform has explicit costs tied to the features you choose. And each platform is designed to be adopted as your business grows. This modular approach allows businesses to pay only for the functionality you need, making our system more accessible and cost-effective for organisations of all sizes. 

Whether you're a small business looking for basic uniform management or a large corporation requiring complex supply chain integration, our new approach is designed to meet your specific needs while providing clear, upfront pricing. When you’re ready to speak to our sales team to discuss which platform is best for your business, use this form to contact us directly. 

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