Smart Red - A Revolution in PPE, Uniform & Workwear Ordering

Smart Red - A Revolution in PPE, Uniform & Workwear Ordering

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With Covid-19 bringing the need for PPE to the forefront, we've seen a sharp rise in enquiries for our Smart Red platform. Businesses are seeing the many benefits in having a safe, intuitive platform to easily order and track their PPE, uniform and workwear, streamlining their procurement processes. We have received many questions about our Smart Red Platform, so we thought we’d collate the main questions and answers in one post.

Q. What is 'Smart Red'?

A. Smart Red is a unique web-based PPE, workwear & uniform ordering processing platform aimed at two key marketplaces:

1. Employers of Large Workforces.

2. PPE, Workwear & Uniform Suppliers.

Q. How Does it Work?

A. Smart Red streamlines PPE, workwear & uniform ordering processes by providing a web-based platform to manage large volumes of orders - either directly from staff, supervisors, or departments.

For large employers, staff can be set an annual allowance where orders will automatically be approved, reducing time for ordering, admin errors, reducing delays and errors in sizing and increasing staff satisfaction.

For PPE, Workwear & Uniform suppliers, Smart Red provides their customers with an easy, secure, and intuitive platform where customer’s staff order from them directly. This provides a quicker order cycle, quicker response times, reduction in errors, and returns and ultimately increases sales and margins.

Q. Why is PPE, Uniform & Workwear Difficult to Procure?

A. Every manufacturer produces garments, equipment and shoes is many sizes - and each person is different!

PPE requires extensive and often regulated, fit testing. There needs to be an easily accessible system to record these results, and reorder the correct equipment for the correct person. The Smart Red Platform does this.

People wear different sizes of clothing depending on the use of each garment. Often people wear a size bigger in outer garments (including outdoor jackets, hi-vis vests etc) to accommodate bulky clothes. There needs to be a system for employees to see what size they wear in each garment (which can differ across manufacturers). The Smart Red Platform does this.

Departments can use the same garment in different ways, which will impact the expected lifetime of each garment. There needs to be a system that understands this, showing a wardrobe specific to each employee. The Smart Red Platform does this.

Q. I'm an Employer With a Large Workforce. How Can Smart Red Help Me and my Staff?

A. Smart Red streamlines PPE, workwear & uniform ordering processes by:

• Allowing your staff to place orders online through a user-friendly, device-responsive web store.

• Enabling the setting of staff allowances per garment and department.

• Streamlining the collection and return of faulty goods/wrong fits.

• The automatic approval of orders within allowance means they go direct to the supplier, reducing administration time and freeing up staff for core tasks.

• Orders can still be placed out with allowance but are routed through a line manager for approval/rejection.

• Significantly reducing delays and errors in delivery.

• Storing past orders and providing key information on fit/brand-sizing to ensure correct orders; first time, every time.

• Ultimately increasing staff satisfaction by simplifying complex ordering processes.

Q. I'm a Supplier of PPE, Uniform & Workwear. How Does Smart Red Help Me and My Customers?

A. Smart Red provides your customers with an easy, secure and intuitive platform:

• Your customer’s staff order from you directly. This results in a 90% more efficient ordering process.

• Your customer’s set allowances for their staff; orders within allowance are automatically approved. Orders can still be placed out with allowance, but are routed through a line manager for review.

• Accommodating sizing, linked allowances or expected garment lifetime across all departments of your customer’s workforce for PPE, workwear & uniform

• Reduces errors (and ultimately returns) as staff are using an intuitive online system to order for their own needs.

• Comprehensive reporting tools to track usage and spend per item and employee.

• Can be linked to customer ERP systems, with Punchout capabilities also available.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Smart Red is already embedded in many businesses such as CalMac Ferries, Aer Lingus, WMQ Scotland, and JBS Group, Ireland. They’ve all benefited from quick implementation and the invaluable user support on the platform. "This portal was tailored by Big Red specifically for our client, Aer Lingus. They were very quick to get a site ready for us to test and show to Aer Lingus who were more than happy to proceed on Smart Red. Feedback from Aer Lingus staff has been incredibly positive with many comments on the ease of use and functionality of the site. Big Red Digital guided us through the whole project and have a ‘can-do’ attitude and we have the knowledge that any future additions can be accommodated."

- Dawn Clerkin, JBS Group, Ireland.

Want To Know More?

If you’re ready to revolutionise your uniform ordering processes, give us a call on 0141 771 7242 or email us here.

Further Reading

1. Read more about it and view the demo videos of Smart Red in action here.

2. You can read case studies on how CalMac and the JBS Group are already benefiting by using Smart Red in their businesses.

3. Download the brochure (PDF) to read about the features and benefits in more detail:

Brochure PDF

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