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Social Media for Business - Why You Need It

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Everything happens online. This statement rings true now, more than ever. Every day, billions of web users engage with millions of brands on multiple platforms around the world. They can do this anytime they want, from wherever they are. It’s right there in the palm of their hand, and that’s where you need to be in order to be seen.

Digital marketing should be taken into consideration by businesses of ALL sizes when setting annual budgets. Equally, it should be considered as a source of return when forecasting sales. If you decide to skip it or make cuts, the chances are your competitors won’t. When planned, managed, and measured in a professional way, the return that Digital Marketing can provide for a business is considerable.

At Big Red, we take a blended approach© to digital marketing. We talk to our customers and assess what opportunities exist for them by learning about their business and their competitors. We discuss budget with them and run forecasts on potential return. Once a strategy is agreed, we work hard and use our experience to make measurable improvements on where they are currently, or to generate new business from the ground up.

Social media plays a pivotal part in that blended approach yet we still meet prospects who refuse to consider its potential. Some businesses just don’t see social media as relevant to their sector. Their competitors are not doing it, so why should they? Others say they just don’t have the time or resources. Others simply don’t know where or how to start. By refusing to engage with such a vast audience, these companies miss out. Massively.

If social media is not happening in your sector, be the first. Look at what businesses around the world are doing, not just local locally. If local competitors are not engaging it represents an opportunity worth exploring. If you don’t have the time, inclination, or in-house resource - ask us. We know exactly how to help.

Building engagement

Please understand, social media is not just about building followers. It’s about building engagement. With the right users, in the right way, on the right channels - with the right messages. It should be a calculated, sniper-rifle approach, not a scattergun one that wastes time and money. That’s where the planning comes in. And ultimately, that’s how social media will play a crucial part in building engagement for your brand. Take a look at our track record of doing this for clients.

A Perfect Example

We recently ran a hugely successful digital marketing campaign for Huli, a pioneering new start-up company that developed a route-planning app for cyclists. Huli needed trailblazers to test the app, so they tasked us with securing 400 users over a 6-month period.

But we didn’t get 400 users. We got 1,180 users in just 10 weeks, which was 295% ahead of target. How? By having a strategy in place and implementing it in the right way. Firstly, we made sure their social pages were professionally set up. We launched them to the public and developed and promoted them in a staged manner.

We ran a highly visible PPC campaign across Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that, initially introduced the brand and built an audience based on location, demographic, and interest. Then, we tapped into the potential that the audience provided. This was a fairly short campaign and was driven by a high impact, digital content strategy.

Ultimately the campaign provided invaluable user feedback on their new software, drove almost 9000 users to the website, and resulted in 704 new followers across social media. A loyal following that Huli can continue to engage with as the business expands its target market to runners, hillwalkers, and climbers.

A perfect example of how social media can work for your business. Even if you are new to your marketplace like Huli.

Don’t Ignore the Potential

Trust us. Well-crafted posts that deliver consistent messages across all of your platforms can bring huge benefits. It will grow your brand, engaging with customers, building audiences, boost sales, and work in tandem with a content strategy to help improve your website’s.

Social Media Sells

Whatever you sell, social media channels are now an integral part of the process. No business can afford to ignore this in the trying times ahead. Embrace it. Or let us embrace it for you.  

Align your social media marketing with your sales goals. Then watch your business grow.

Get in touch, we’d love to work with you.

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