Why Do I Need A Website?

Why Do I Need A Website?

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This is a question we still to hear from people who are thinking about taking their business online. Most businesses already have a website of course, however we do still come across those that do not - incredible in this day and age. Reasons for this can vary from 'we don't need to do business online' to 'we've been stung by web designers before'. Other foggy justifications can include, 'we can't afford a budget for this right now', or 'we just don't have time to look at it'. 

The other trend we see is that many companies throw together a quick 'off the shelf number' just to 'have a presence online' (we've all seen how easy this looks in those adverts on TV right?), and therefore the question may become 'Why Do I Need A Professional Website when I can build one myself'.

Hopefully we can address these questions here…

So, do I really NEED one?

Well… yes, of course you do. If you have a business or a service then you need to promote it and report on it's progress and show that your business reflects the changes in your industry - show that it moves with the times. There are literally thousands of your competitors who already do this… and the better ones will be doing it really well! Every website should have a 'goal'. That goal can be anything from lead generation to bulk selling in a competitive online environment. Either way, the goal is always related to delivering one thing… 'potential for growth'. The better the website and the more people can find it, the bigger your potential for growth. We've never met with any company, big or small, who don't find that to be an attractive prospect - especially in the current financial climate.

We have a website. It only cost us few quid and my customers find me ok.

Your existing customers may be able to find you and maintain contact with you, but what about the other tens of thousands of potential customers who are actively searching for your services on a monthly basis? Are they finding you? You can check by doing a simple test. 'Google' just one of your services from the point of view of someone who currently has no idea your business even exists, eg. if you're a shoe repairer in Glasgow then type in 'Shoe Repairs Glasgow' and see how your website performs.

If you're on page 1 then you've made a good start, if you're any further back than page 3 then you're not being found. If they're finding you but your not converting that traffic into leads or sales then that's a whole other area of support. You can find out how all this should work over on our 'methodology' section.

So the answer to 'Do I Need A Website', and how why you should invest in a professionally supported one, can only be answered once you consider how large you want your potential for growth to be.

Still not convinced?

Here are some stats. According to a Mail On Sunday article (published 12th May 2013), small businesses are collectively missing out on £13billion in annual sales through NOT having a website. Within the stats quoted there were some more pretty jaw dropping numbers for those who continue to resist. Citing O2 Business, the Mail reports that a quarter of shoppers simply would not use a small vendor who does not have a website.

Never underestimate the modern consumer. Nowadays they like to be extremely savvy about who they buy from. This information it seems is now gathered at the same time they consider and compare prices and services. If you don't measure up to the competition then you're losing out… big time!

Internet searches (consumer research) leads to 57 percent of sales traffic and rates right up there with recommendation from friends and family.

A third of consumers now expect firms to have an eCommerce website from which they can buy online, and even one in ten users expect a firm to have an updated Facebook page. 

If you want to reclaim your share of those lost millions, contact Big Red today and let's discuss how we can help to get your website working harder for you.

There's simply no excuse not to!

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