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88% of all B2B Transactions Start Online

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Whether you use the Internet to generate enquiries for your company, or to win new business sales, or use it as a brochure site and information source – on average 88% of all B2B business transactions start online.

Is your website not achieving this for your organisation?

Think about ANYTHING you want to check out before making ANY buying decision  in business.  What do you do? 88% of the time, on average, you’ll search online.  Need a new phone system? want to buy new vehicles, need business insurance? require property management services?  need new office equipment?  88% of the time the first port of call is the Internet.

That is what your customers are doing day in and day out when looking for the products or services your business provides.  If your website isn’t hacking it – your business is far from being optimised. And all business is fuelled by the income from sales and invoices.

Successful Websites are Fantastic Value!

Optimising your website and engaging in digital marketing is FAR more cost effective that traditional/old school marketing methods such as Yellow Pages, Mail Shots, Advertising, Telemarketing, Trade Exhibitions etc. 

In fact, businesses have never before had the opportunity to reach their target markets so cost effectively as in today’s marketplace.  When you think about it EVERYTHING starts with a sale, a new customer, a purchase of whatever it is that you offer as a business.

Websites on the Cheap

Digital Marketing is a highly skilled profession.  It takes knowledge skill and experience to get top results.  It involves the planning, designing, building, execution, support and management of a highly complex series of interdependent skills.  As we’ve said above, these are highly cost effective if applied correctly to your business.  Yet how often do we hear of small businesses managers deciding to use someone who can “rattle up a website from a low cost template site” and they think that is good enough for their needs.  So when it doesn’t produce great business results they become apathetic and there is a huge risk that they lose the faith in the Internet that they may have once had.

This is such a shame, because those that get it right on the Internet quickly establish themselves as market leaders and gain high reputations as a result.  

Your company’s reputation is online, whether you like it or not

Here are quotes that are widely shared:

       “Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is” - Chris Anderson, Journalist
       “The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google search results!” - SEO Proverb
       “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” - Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Neglecting the first page of Google in your business sector, or communicating poorly on social networks both compromise your company’s online reputation.

The Internet is Everything a Commercial Company Could Possibly Wish For

The Internet is Yellow Pages, Marketing, Advertising, Feedback, Press Releases, Case Studies, Online Shop, Customer feedback Centre - all rolled into one – at a faction of the investment you'd have had to make in years gone by.

What’s not to like?

Big Red Digital is on a mission to help Scottish companies thrive online, winning more business, retaining customers and brining more sales and profit into the Scottish economy.

For more information contact Big Red Digital.

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