Is "Website Apathy" Losing You Online Sales?

Is "Website Apathy" Losing You Online Sales?

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So you find that your website enquiry results are rather bland – and you’ve become apathetic about what the Internet could deliver you as a result. It 'washes its face' but isn’t really driving enquiries to your business. You don’t have the time for social media marketing support or find it all too confusing.

In 2016, 88% of all Commercial Sales start Online
Today, around 88% of all purchases from companies start with the customer searching for what they want on the web, doing their research on Google and looking at their options, reading reviews, comparing pricing, checking availability and assessing overall value.

If you are in business and you provide products or services, and you have a relatively smart looking website, you may be getting some enquiries, but if you are getting fewer than you hoped when you first invested in the website you have possibly let apathy creep into your view of winning on the Internet.

Let’s repeat that statistic: 88% of all purchases start with Internet research (Google and others) made by potential buyers of products and services YOUR company 

When something in your company isn't working right...
What do you do when your company email isn’t working? The phones are on the blink? The copier drum needs replaced? The van starts shuddering and loses power? – Do you call the service company and get it fixed?  It seems the sensible thing to do as your focus is on your products and services not servicing your own equipment.

So it is with your website. When it isn’t performing and results are “bland” – so what you need are digital marketing solutions that get results and a renewed methodology for digital marketing success.

Who is Your Company's Digital Marketing Expert?
If you don't have one, perhaps you should be taking advantage of a Digital Marketing Agency that offers website consultation services and you may find that some will offer a free appraisal of your website.

Working with a digital marketing partner you really trust can transform a bland, low performing website into a dynamic lead generating machine that becomes your number one sales lead generating tool.

Don’t let apathy close your mind to the potential your website can achieve. Email Big Red Digital and book your company a free website consultation.

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