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Companies NEED to get ZMOT Right to succeed online

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If you run a company that sells products or provides a service you need to know about ZMOT - The Zero Moment of Truth.

Before the Internet - before ZMOT

Before the Internet, if a customer wanted to buy a product or service they would go to the store or office, look at what was on offer, ask a salesperson about the product or service, read the brochure or packaging and make a decision whether or not it is they need or want.

This first look at what was on offer is called 'The First Moment of Truth' - it is the moment when the customer is looking at a single purchase option for the first time.  If successful, the shopper continues the buying process and says "I'll buy this option please!" and the sales person would complete the transaction, take payment and the customer walks out the store with the goods.

ZMOT and the Internet

However the internet has DRAMATICALLY changed the purchasing process. Nowadays, almost 90% of purchases start with online investigation.  this is called the Zero Moment of Truth ZMOT).

ZMOT happens before the buyer ever goes near a store, especially when buying a relatively high value product  or a business service.  Customers now typically research online, compare options, prices, specifications and (most importantly) customer feedback comments before going any further.

So it is a typical scenario for a buyer to walk into a store ALREADY knowing exactly what product they want, how much it is and even how many the store has in stock. In fact they probably know more than the sales person in the store about that particular product.

Check your OWN Website for ZMOT

In this day and age, your website should be giving as much information about your products, services and customer feedback as possible.  Of course, the first issue is to BE FOUND online...so high Google ranking is essential in your key target markets. The fact is that if you are not competing online, you are not competing really, at all. Are you engaging online? The acid test is how many enquiries you receive via your website.

The Second and Third Moments of Truth (SMOT, TMOT)

The Second Moment of Truth is when a customer tries the new product and decides if it was a good purchase or not.  The Third Moment is what they tell other people about their experiences by feedback comments and online sharing of comments on social media. That is why successful companies rank high on Google, have great websites, ask for feedback and share positive feedback on Social Media

First Impressions Last!

So, your website is almost certainly going to be the first point of contact any new customer will make with your company.  That first impression will either get you onto their shortlist or you will lose the potential sale at that point.

If you have ANY doubts about how your website compares against your competitors get a free website assessment review by contacting Big Red Digital.

It could be the best business decision you make this year.

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