Test Your Website's Page Load Times

Test Your Website's Page Load Times

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In one of our previous blogs, we described the need for fast page load speeds and the considerable effect it can have on how well your website performs: The Need For Speed

The Need For Speed

What we are finding is that many business owners are getting the message and focusing on ensuring that their own websites DO load quickly, so their Internet doors are 'wide open' to customers.

As a reminder as to why website load speed is such a critical issue, industry analysts Kissmetrics show that 13% of visitors abandon a website for every SECOND it takes to load. So, if your website loads in 5 seconds, you could be losing 65% of potential visitors to your website! And, if your website is not 'Mobile Ready' your website is losing 50% of browsers by default, as half of all browsing is now done on Mobile Devices.

Test Your Own Website Now

As a Google partner, Big Red Digital suggests that you test your website for speed using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Enter Your Website URL Here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Why not take a look at your biggest online competitors and see how you measure up to them? The results are easy to understand and compare. However, the underlying issues that cause these delays may require some professional input.  Here is what to expect with the code results: 

Green = Go! - No speed issues

Amber = Warning! - You will be losing site visitors due to slow speed loads

Red = Critical! - Your website has serious speed loading issues

Mobile? = Check the mobile results - This is how your website looks on a Mobile Device

Don't Keep Them Waiting...

Having a slow loading website is the equivalent of keeping your customers locked outside of your store for a while each time they visit, or of you not answering a phone call to a paying customer before they lose patience and hang up. They will simply buy elsewhere.

If you are concerned about your page load speeds and would like a full website assessment and consultation, then call our office on 0141 771 7242 or email us.

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