Google AdWords - Get it Right with Big Red Digital

Google AdWords - Get it Right with Big Red Digital

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We all know that the Internet is that “Great Big Shopping Window” on the Internet for our businesses and most of us already have used Google AdWords Adverts (Pay Per Click) when we have been looking for products or services online. AdWords are SO commonly used by so many businesses and organisations that they must be effective? Right? Well, It depends….

As with most things, success is a combination of great tools coupled being used along with real knowledge and experience. Give an expensive violin to an inexperienced player and they will be very unlikely to create sweet music.  Give quality paints and a canvas to someone without artistic experience and they won’t create a masterpiece. Give expensive fishing rod and equipment to a non-fisherman……well, you get the idea, he won’t catch many fish.

Fishing for Customers with Google AdWords
So it is with Google AdWords (aka Pay Per Click or PPC). Some companies delve into Google AdWord Campaigns and some do well at it, some are mediocre and some fail. It is NOT Google AdWords, it is the experience of the “Fisherman” fishing for those, all important, AdWord clicks!

Here is how to get the best from AdWords
For those of you who run businesses here is how Google explain how to get the best results from Google AdWords.

DIY or Digital Agency?
If you want to set up your own AdWord campaigns then we hope this helps you. However, if you are a Scottish based company or organisation, and prefer to use an Digital Marketing Partner that is expert in AdWords then call Big Red and we’ll get back to you to discuss your needs. 

What About Search Engine Optimisation?

In addition, if you want to rank high in the Organic/Natural search listings, then we can make that possible too - it's what we do! 

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