Big Red helps Scottish Companies to Win on the Web

Big Red helps Scottish Companies to Win on the Web

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To succeed on the Internet, you need a website that is really well designed to convert visitors to prospects. When visitors land on your web page, the calls to action need to be clear and compelling to convert those visitors to enquirers. But first you need to attract relevant traffic to rank your website highly for key words and phrases, or your attractive website will languish far behind the curve out of site on Google’s search lists. 

A company that isn’t producing good results and delivering a good Return on Investment (ROI) from their website is missing out on business opportunities they really should be winning. Let’s be clear, your potential customers are currently already looking for what you sell by searching on the Internet.  They may be doing so right now as you read this article. They will search either on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device, keying in certain KEY PHRASES to find what they are looking for. 

Be Mobile Friendly
In fact, over 40% of searches occur on mobile devices these days.  If you don’t rank highly on the search engines (eg Google) or if your website isn’t mobile friendly, or if it isn't optimised to convert visitors to enquiries, you are wasting the majority of your current investment on the Internet and your website.

If you are going to do it, do it right
You are in competition online with other companies in your sector and the ‘race track’ is the Internet.  Here is where Big Red Digital can really help you. To win, you must ensure you are serious about optimising your Internet performance. It has been said that Google isn’t so much a search engine but more of a reputation manager in practice.  It has been found that ranking highly on Google is a key issue when consumers rate the reputation of companies they deal with. This is in the same way that winners of sporting events have the highest reputation in their field, attracting attention and interest.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation simply means that you should do what you need to do to rank highly on Google.  There are two ways to do this: Organic Searches and Pay Per Click.  

Organic Searches
To rank highly on organic searches Google sets out a clear and detailed methodology for companies to follow. This involves key word research, building these into articles, publishing them online and sharing them on social media. 

Google send software 'robots' out to all websites to see “what the buzz is, who is being talked about the most” on these key words and then they churn the numbers and rank you accordingly. So you should be getting two or three articles out per week, publishing them and sharing them on social media. High rankings on Organic Searches is the most powerful way to build an online reputation and sales.

Pay Per Click
Big Red is a Google AdWords partner, so we have a Google account manager that helps to provide a superb service to our clients and customers by working with us to ensure our client’s Pay Per Click campaigns are the best they could be. Using key words and phrases your website will immediately rank at the top of the search pages, inviting visitors to click by using compelling messages. Every time they click, you pay a click fee.  However there is also a management fee to ensure your clicks ONLY appear where they are doing your company the most good.

Value for Money
The Internet has given companies one of the most powerful and most cost effective ways to market their businesses. Traditional methods such as email campaigns and mailshots are increasingly more and more expensive to implement and typically produce lower results.

Whereas people using the Internet are ACTIVELY SEEKING what you offer – so it makes complete business sense to ENSURE you are being found.  Your company’s online reputation depends on it.  

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