Building Trust With A Digital Agency

Building Trust With A Digital Agency

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Building Trust With A Digital Agency Offering Web Design, SEO and PPC

Should you divulge your budget?
Many business budget holders prefer not to immediately divulge their budgets when asking for quotes for Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns –however it is a key qualifying question for anyone in sales to determine whether or not they are talking to a prospect to quickly determine if their prospect meets their target market criteria.

Ask anyone who has ever walked into a car showroom – one of the first questions you will be asked is: “What is Your Budget?”.  This is to quickly determine whether you are in the right dealership or even looking at appropriate brands.  If you said £30,000 was your budget then a Rolls Royce sales person will probably politely suggest you are in the wrong showroom. Whereas if you said £300,00 then you will likely be shown several models and offered a cup of freshly ground coffee as well.

So there is a basic qualification reason by the digital marketing representative for asking about how much your digital marketing budget is, however there is often a natural and understandable reluctance to divulge this openly during an initial discussion with an agency. The reason for this is that the TRUST hasn’t yet being built up between the potential buyer and the potential seller.  The fear on the buyer’s part may be “If I divulge my budget then that’s how much the digital agency will quote!  They want to maximise the sale for themselves!”

However, the digital agency representative may be thinking “What can I offer the buyer that meets their business needs within that budget?”  As long as the buyer genuinely feels that they will receive VALUE for their budget then that is a reasonable approach overall.

What if I don’t know my budget?
However, many buyers will not have a budget as such, but an investment figure in mind that they are comfortable with risking to see if it will produce a Return on Investment.  This figure is sometimes more than enough for a good digital campaign, sometimes quite realistic and sometimes it falls short of what the business needs, so that is when you need to trust your digital agency to talk it through and advise accordingly.

Many business people will view Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click campaigns in this way.  They may have limited or no experience of campaigns or, worse, have tried them and wasted too much budget for little result. In the same way as buying a quality tennis racquet doesn’t make you a quality tennis player, it takes knowledge and experience to use the tools properly to win in any competitive environment.

Eliminating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
Therefore, it is in the interest of both the buyer and seller to take the powerful forces of: Fear Uncertainty and Doubt out of the equation and work within the budgets that the prospect is willing to invest. Remember, the buyer will be seeing the investment as a RISK and the seller as a PROFIT Opportunity, so their mutual thinking need to meet somewhere in the middle. Empathy is needed on both sides.

Once the buyer realises that the seller is working within his budget comfort zone, the trust begins to build and once that process starts there is an opportunity to, sooner or later, build more budget to attain higher returns on investment ROI.

Contact Big Red today and we can work within your budget comfort zone.

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