The Paradox of Choice: Who is the Website/SEO Partner for you?

The Paradox of Choice: Who is the Website/SEO Partner for you?

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Whether we're buying a pair of trousers, buying car tyres, selecting an insurance policy or choosing a new PC printer,  everyday decision making has become more and more complex, time consuming and stressful due to the overwhelming variety of choices we are faced with.

Too many choices can cause confusion
As seasoned consumers we may believe or even assume that the more choices we have leads to better buying decision and then to more choice satisfaction. It is somehow comforting to know we have so much choice. But when we try to get our heads around evaluating the options, that is when the Paradox of Choice trips us up.  As consumers it is becoming increasingly out of hand and too many bewildering choices can lead to decision-making stress and anxiety and you can end up not making any choices or indeed the wrong one as you made choices whilst under “Information Overload”   Making a wrong choice for OUR OWN needs seems to be unacceptable, in a culture where we are all brought up to believe that there cannot be any excuses for incorrect buying decisions when your options are limitless. Many just give up and simply choose "the most popular one" only to then struggle when they try to make it fit what they wanted it for.

Fewer Choices can mean Higher Quality
I once went into the local branch of a top brand supermarket, a relatively small one in a rural town looking for a jar of honey. There were 54 choices on the shelf. A twenty minute decision and a phone call to the chef (wife) who checked the recipe helped us to make a choice between us.  And here is the point: when faced with a bewildering choice we turn to “experts” to help with our decision process.  

Brand Loyalty
Many people will stick to a trusted brand once they have researched: Sony Technology, Honda cars, Apple iPhones etc. And that makes a LOT of sense, because you TRUST the brand to deliver a limited choice of well designed, integrated and supported solutions to “fit” with the main product. A Honda Roof Rack will fit your Honda perfectly though there may be a bewildering choice of third party add-on roof racks of various quality and price. 

The Big Red Website Platform
Here at Big Red we have a fully developed Website platform with a range of additional, fully integrated, tried tested and supported applications that meet almost every business need. All are developed on industry standard Microsoft platforms.

Each module is well featured, fully integrated, intuitive to use and with attractive user interfaces, optimised for “Goal and Flow” so the website visitor is informed, guided and compelled to click towards the goal you have set for your website – so there are no inconsistent design elements, wording or “look and feel” to potential trip up the website visitor.

Additional Big Red Modules:

- Case Studies/Projects/ Showcase Portfolio Module

- Events and past events archive Module 

- eCommerce, (Sell Online) Module

- Marketplace Module 

- Booking Engine Module 

- Customer relationship Management (CRM) Module

- Video Training (eLearning) Module

- Bespoke Applications and Modules (You imagine it, we build it)

As a result you are always sure that Big Red will always deliver a well designed, tailorable Digital Marketing solution that is fully integrated, fully scalable and fully supported.

A Perfect Fit
Big Red modules fit together like a hand in a well made glove. A perfect fit for our partner clients.

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