Is your site soaring in Google’s race or struggling to get airborne?

Is your site soaring in Google’s race or struggling to get airborne?

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Get “into orbit” with Google (and other Search Engines)

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Google publishes a set of industry ‘Best Practices’ for Digital Marketing professionals - these are called their 'Webmaster Guidelines' and provide clear instructions on what Google NEEDS from your website to correctly rank and promote YOUR business. Failure to adhere to these guidelines severely reduces your website’s effectiveness.

Google (and the other search engines) need you to follow their guidelines to crawl, index and understand your website’s content. This is VITAL to ensure you deliver what Google needs and requires to index, rank and promote your web site effectively.

Big Red can assess your web site against these Google ‘Best Practices’ to help you and your business to understand where you are succeeding or where you are falling short against Google’s requirements.

When skilfully and expertly applied, recommended changes to your website could have a dramatic impact on your website’s performance in Google’s organic search results.  They also greatly enhance the user experience leading to far greater conversion of visitors to enquiries and ultimately sales (or other required action you require)

Why is this important?

The benefit is that ALL the financial investment you have made in your website will be fully optimised so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible results from your website and online strategy overall.

These benefits include:

• Increased traffic that is relevant to your business or organisation
• Enhanced engagement with site visitors
• Higher levels of conversion from visitors:
    - More Sales
    - More Enquiries
    - More calls to Action
• A higher Return on Investment from your website.

Would You Like A FREE Appraisal Of Your Website?

Big Red can check your website against Google's webmaster guidelines - and our own methodology for online success 'The 5 Be's'.

Contact Big Red today on 0141 771 7242 to arrange your FREE appraisal and consultation today.

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