Your Website: Smart Investment or Low Priority Expense?

Your Website: Smart Investment or Low Priority Expense?

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Well, it all depends on how you approach it...

If you view digital marketing with the mindset that you should really get your website up to speed 'because you think you need to', you're thinking about making progress at least, but you're approaching things from completely the wrong angle. If you had a site done a few years back and haven't really looked at it since, you're likely to get nothing back from it. If you don't perceive your website as an evolving platform that can add value to your business, then you need to reconsider. If you think that it's enough just to put a site up and let it 'do it's thang', then you're doomed to failure.

Does your website deliver tangible results and a solid ROI?

We firmly believe it should, and so should you. In order for this to happen we know that it takes an ongoing commitment, but the potential rewards are worth it. Building relevant traffic and generating 'organic' rankings can take time. Whilst this is in progress, there are complimentary solutions that can deliver results straight away such as PPC - but only if your website is set up to sell, or 'convert'.

Is your current website converting or supporting sales?

It's a common misconception among many of the businesses that we engage with that if they don't have any actual product to sell online and collect payment for, then all they really need is a 'brochure site'. In a competitive marketplace, that will leave you firmly at the bottom of the pile (not to mention the search results list).

If your business offers a service (eg. plumbing & heating) and has a team of sales people actively looking to win new business and provide competitive quotes, your website can help them to convert these into sales.

Here is how it works…

Infographic - do your webpages convert to sales?

'Plumbing Website A' - Low Priority Expense

When working out what to spend on their website, Company A decided they could save some money and do it themselves. Their sales guy had plenty of time on his hands so was able to cobble together a few pages quickly and get them online. For Company A, their website was a low priority expense.

Company A then runs a Google Adwords campaign to generate traffic for their website. They appear at the top of the listings in their local area and get hits on their home page - it has a phone number at the bottom of the page and a contact page with an email address.

They find though that they aren't getting many enquiries and they feel that the ads just are not working for them. What they don't realise is that they aren't giving enough information on the page, or incentivising why people should work with them.

Plumbing Company A's sales guy loves donuts and is a dab hand at Candy Crush.

'Plumbing Website B' - Smart Investment

Company B invests in a bespoke publishing platform that suits their needs. It allows them to regularly publish case studies of their work alongside informative pages on their company and the services they can offer. They back these up with customer testimonials and have a visible, convenient enquiry form that allows users to contact them for a free quote. The sales team can also point prospects at previous work they have done since it's all on the website.

They find that the more case studies they publish, the more 'organic' traffic they attract. They could perhaps spend less on their Google Adwords campaign, but find that it is more than paying for itself with the work that is being generated between that and the site's natural rankings.

Plumbing Company B recently expanded their sales team to deal with the increase in enquiries.

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