Do You Have Adequate Technical Support for Your Business Website?

Do You Have Adequate Technical Support for Your Business Website?

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A Guide to Our Technical Support and How it Can Benefit You

What is Technical Support?

If you own or run a website for your business, you will know how important technical support is to its continued success. It is a fact of life these days, that when people have a problem, their first instinct is often to Google it or to try to find help somewhere online. But even search engines are limited in what they can provide when it comes to technical questions. If you are presented with multiple potential solutions from a myriad of ‘experts’, things can quickly become confusing - not to mention, time-consuming.

Maybe your business has a specialist or custom-built platform? If so, your challenges are likely to be even more unique.

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Why Technical Support is Important

Technical support for a website is a lifeline when something doesn’t quite go according to plan. If you have a business-critical web platform - one that actively contributes to revenue - the availability of reliable customer support is crucial.

With any technology, challenges and issues inevitably occur. It would be untrue to say otherwise. Every customer deserves a solution to their problem, and it requires the right people, the right processes and the right technology to provide that support efficiently.

About Big Red Digital’s Technical Support

As software developers and business partners for our clients, we provide comprehensive technical support for their investment in our technology. This means that, as a partner, you have exclusive access to the team of experts who have actually designed and developed your platform. To clarify, this does not constitute access to an online forum with some FAQs that is connected to someone who has developed a malfunctioning plug-in. That is not what we provide. Our support and development team are easy to contact and are available during business hours to respond to questions and fix any issues related specifically to your platform.

Logging support requests with Big Red couldn’t be easier. Clients have secure logins for our support portal and logging an issue takes less than 30 seconds. The support portal feeds your request into our CRM system where it is recorded and tracked. Our support team receives an email and your call is triaged and prioritised accordingly. Here is a quick overview of how to log a call with us:

Does Your Business Need Better Technical Back-up?

If you need a more specialist platform for your business with comprehensive support for your administrators, we have the experience and the team to provide it. When you choose to work with Big Red Digital, technical support for your Big Red Platform comes as part of the deal and our time is covered by minimal annual fees. We are a small business with a 30+ year track record of providing the best customer service at an affordable price. This allows us to act quickly if anything goes wrong, and it provides you with valuable peace of mind.

When you contact our customer support team, you might be looking for some help to solve a problem, or just seeking some peace of mind. Regardless of the reason, there is someone ready to help you.

Get In Touch

If you're looking for a partner that can provide a specialist website or platform that comes coupled with exceptional technical support, then contact us now. Big Red offers solutions to many sectors and locations around the world. We are known for our high-quality customer service and our affordable rates and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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