Are You Ready For Mobilegeddon?

Are You Ready For Mobilegeddon?

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This week Google announced changes to their search engine algorithm which will see sites which are not mobile-friendly lose rankings.


Now, we're not normally one for scaremongering - honest! But this week has seen Google's announcement and latest update attract worldwide news coverage and thow some under-prepared web-masters into full scale panic.

The basics of it are that if your website is not deemed mobile-friendly (or mobile responsive) then those websites that are will be given preferential treatment to yours in search results.

Now, there are two things at play here, one of them is of course that we all need to adhere to big brother Google's guidelines wherever possible to help boost and maintain search rankings. But, the other more important, factor here is that ultimately your website needs be as USER-friendly as possible.

It is a fact now that approximately 50% of all visitors to your website will be using mobile devices. So, you stay ahead of the curve and keep your users (and Google) happy.


Do You Need A Mobile Friendly Website?

If you're not mobile-friendly, then you need to act as quickly as possible. We can help you (of course!). The Big Red Business Platform is a fully mobile-friendly content management system. As a Scottish based company, we can work closely with you to help you get the most out of your website - we can also help to maintain and improve upon your Google search rankings too!

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