Only The Most 'Relevant' Website Traffic Will Make Your Business Grow

Only The Most 'Relevant' Website Traffic Will Make Your Business Grow

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...and save money in the process

In this article we look at how you can work out whether or not your website is converting visits into sales regularly enough. For it to do that, you need to be attracting the right kind of traffic.

What Is 'Relevant' Traffic?

First of all, lets define what we mean here by 'relevant': This is the section of the market that are interested in, and indeed may be actively seeking out, the services or products that you provide. These are the core of people you need to market to - your key target market. The ones you can convert to sales more readily.

Secondly, here is what we mean by irrelevant traffic: This is a larger proportion of people who either have no interest in what you do and are unlikely they will respond to any campaigns that you run, or who are constrained from buying from you by geography, culture, preference, technology or any other external barrier. These are the people you do not want to market to - they are not your target market. For example – if your business model requires your customers to visit you or be visited by your staff, the constraint will be distance and availability of staff. Spending time, money and energy selling to anyone out-with that defined geographic area will just become a waste of energy and resource. An expensive mistake in other words.

There is no 'set formula' for attracting the right 'kind' traffic. For example, a pre-defined marketing programme of online advertising, remarketing, backlinking, SEO support that worked for one business will not necessarily work for another. That’s why our Digital Marketing Review is crucial to success.

Aren't All SEO & Digital Marketing Campaigns The Same?

When you speak to a potential marketing agency looking to provide 'blanket' support that will increase 'overall' traffic to your website then they are only offering one aspect of the service that they should be. Getting people to the website is not that difficult if you a have a budget large enough to run external campaigns. Converting these into sales will be the hard part.

What Is A Conversion Rate?

You conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that will visit the site and complete a 'goal'; make a purchase, send an enquiry form, share an article etc. As a (very) general guide a regular conversion rate will be somewhere between 1.75 and 2.5%. This is a normal, guideline rate, they all differ of course. For every 100 visitors, maybe two or three will make a purchase. If your conversion rate is lower than that, but traffic to your site is high, then you know that you are attracting the wrong 'type' of user - those that are outside your key target market.

How Can I Increase My Website's Conversion Rate?

- Analyse and make improvements to the content of your pages
- Have page content properly optimised
- Add more 'relevant' content to your website
- Make your site professional and welcoming in it's design
- Make sure it functions properly from home page to conversion
- Don't make promises in the search results, or anywhere on-site that you can't deliver
- Make the conversion process as short and simple as possible for the user
- Refine and improve your during and after sales service to attract return visits
- Engage us to carry out a Digital Marketing Review and develop a Digital Marketing Strategy with you.

Relevant Traffic Infographic

The infographic below illustrates the points made above. Please feel free to share.

how to attract relevant traffic to website infographic, big red digital infographic, how to increase website conversions rate infographic

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