How GDPR Laws May Impact B2B Digital Marketing

Will GDPR Laws Affect B2B Digital Marketing?

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GDPR is the new EU General Data Protection Act that comes into force on 25th May 2017. If your company collects data relating to any EU citizen, your company needs to store that data in a secure manner taking appropriate cyber security steps to thwart potential data theft and hackers. This applies to any form of electronically recorded data; such as a person’s name, address, photographs, bank account details, email addresses, social media website posts, medical data, mobile phone numbers and computer IP addresses.

The scale of the increase in fines when GDPR comes into force has been causing a fair amount of scaremongering in the business community. The headline figure is that fines will increase to 4% of group turnover or 20Million Euros, whichever is the greater!

GDPR Digital Data Security

We're Getting Ready

Here at Big Red Digital we have already taken significant steps to carefully consider the impact of GDPR for our customers, to ensure that new websites we are developing and hosting are managed and stored in safe and secure data servers that are protected against cyber attacks. The management team has looked at GDPR and how it relates to the digital services we use and offer to our clients and customers so we are fully prepared for GDPR and to advise our clients appropriately.

GDPR & B2B Companies

GDPR may not actually affect Business to Business (B2B) digital marketing activities as much as some business executives fear. However, emailer campaign subscription and telemarketing processes will likely need to be tightened up in terms of proving how data your business collects is obtained, recorded and how you plan to include an opt-out feature for EU citizens. There is no specific provision in GDPR Guidelines to force B2B list holders to contact everyone and ask for opt-in the way B2C list holders might be forced to. As long as an opt-out feature is provided for those that ask for one, that will suffice within the law. 

Lecturer in Law at the University of Hertfordshire Henry Pearce provides practical recommendations on how to prepare for GDPR when considering B2B Marketing. He advises that the obligations that apply to marketing activities under the current Data Protection Act still apply under GDPR but with with one notable exception That is that the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) specify that B2B email marketing and similar activities would NOT have to obtain the express opt-in consent of individuals (whose personal data were involved) to satisfy the condition of individual consent for the data to be stored under the current Data protection Act. In the context of B2B marketing, as long as individuals are given the option to opt-out then that is “sufficient to establish consent”. Broadly speaking GDPR retains the same definitions of ‘Personal Data’ and ‘Processing’ as is already contained within the current Data protection Act.

Get Full Peace of Mind With A GDPR Audit

It is interesting that the final GDPR legislation has still yet to be drafted, so we don’t know all the implications and conditions in detail at this time. Remember it is EU legislation. This may cause delays in implementation within the UK or some elements of the regulation may differ from the EU.

If you are worried about GDPR and how it affects your overall business, we can arrange to conduct a focused audit of your existing electronic data by one of our I.T. partners. This will highlight any procedures that you would need to implement prior to GDPR coming into force in May next year. However, with consultancy advice on GDPR in high demand, we recommend an early audit which can then be tweaked for any changes when the final GDPR draft is available.

Contact Us Now if you would like to discuss an audit.

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