Lockdown Marketing Tips: Get Creative

Lockdown Marketing Tips: Get Creative

Category: Digital Marketing

In Scotland we are still in the midst of lockdown, but we are starting to see a plan to ease some of the restrictions we are under. We are continuing our series of tips to help boost your marketing strategy during lockdown (and beyond).

This week we wanted to encourage you to get creative! Albert Einstein reportedly said that the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. So this week, have a think about some of the things you can do differently to boost your digital marketing.

Build your presence

The things we would encourage you to do will depend on your short and long term goals – if you want to build a following and increase your brand awareness, you can think about running competitions on your social media pages. Encourage people to like, comment, tag and share posts whilst giving them something in return.

Join in the conversation in social media – you need to give in order to receive. Get involved in relevant groups, share some insight, compliment people who deserve it. If you’ve got loads of old photographs, join in #TBT (throw back Thursday). Be front of mind with your customers, and have a mix of content on your social media pages – don’t always be selling directly to them.

Sell differently

If you want to introduce a new product or service, consider running a brief paid campaign on social media, or Google, to have a short blast at promoting it. Ensure the landing pages are set up to convert and the traffic you are driving to these pages will results in direct sales.

Consider your route to market– now is the time to diversify. Can you add an online shop to your website? Can you link it to Amazon, Ebay etc? Can you open your own Facebook shop? Give your audience as many avenues to reach you will only boost your presence, especially in the new normal of social distancing, and the huge shift to ecommerce.

Take ‘inspiration’

A helpful tip you’ll probably not find in too many places is…look to your competitors! Find out what they are doing, and think about using their ideas! It’s possible to see what works in your market, and put your own spin on things.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Whatever you’re trying, especially if it’s new to you, don’t just give up if it doesn’t take off initially. You can certainly learn from your mistakes, but it will take time to perfect your messages. Keep at it, and you’ll see the results.


We can of course help you with a personalised service – giving you ideas, content or help with ads. Give us a call if this is something you’d like to invest in to boost your post-lockdown surge!

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