How To Get Through The Summer Holiday Lull

How To Get Through The Summer Holiday Lull

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How To Get Through The Summer Holiday Lull

We are right in the heart of summer holidays here in Scotland. Last week I looked at a longer-term strategy for how you can combat the cyclical nature of business, with traditional lulls for some businesses in this and other holiday periods.

For those that haven’t made the investment in a website that will generate you leads, I thought I’d cover some shorter-term strategies that can also help give your business a boost.

Use the power of social media

People may be on holiday, but it’s unlikely they’ll take a holiday from social media. So think about how you can engage with people on the relevant platforms to your business. You can run competitions on your page to win something valuable – this could be a giveaway of your product or service, or you might buy something people would want, and encourage people to share and like your post. The more engagement you get, the more people that will see your business!

Run a PPC campaign

If you see the numbers of enquiries dip during this time, it can help to give a short-term injection of traffic into your site or social media page. Running a targeted PPC campaign will help you reach your wider audience. You’ll see an immediate impact on audience numbers, and if you have your landing pages/site set up properly, should see an uplift in enquiries.


If you have a list of customers that you’ve built up over time, email them. An eye-catching email, with a good image and some (brief) text with any offers you have is a way of reaching people proactively, rather than waiting for them to call.

See a summer sales uplift? Keep going!

For those businesses who see a seasonal boost during the holidays – don’t stop doing the basics! Continue to generate leads, enquiries, and market yourselves during these busy times so that you have enough sustainable business to carry you through your quiet periods. The message is consistency here, and as soon as you get used to spending the time on these fundamental activities, and seeing the results, the better rewards you will reap.

Need some help?

We can help you engage with your customers at all times of the year, and be consistent about it. If you need some help, we’d be delighted to start a discussion with you.

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