Final Spotlight on Digital Marketing

Final Spotlight on Digital Marketing

Category: Digital Marketing

I have spent several weeks going into more depth on each aspect of the digital marketing services we offer. You’ll see from the work we have done with our clients that executed properly, a good Blended Marketing Campaign can deliver a significant return for you, directly to your bottom line.

As a conclusion to my mini-series, I wanted to highlight a few areas that I feel are the most important when running a marketing campaign.

If you’re going to do it, do it properly

All of the digital marketing campaigns that we run for our clients can be run by our clients themselves, and we don’t hide that fact from them. It’s possible for anyone to set up and run PPC campaigns, do your own email marketing, write your own content for your website, and as long as you have access to your website CMS, you can manage your own on-page SEO.

To do this properly however, you need the background and experience in each of these areas to get the best results. Would you consider rewiring your house yourself? The likelihood is you’d call in a qualified electrician to ensure the job was done safely, and to minimise the disruption in your life. Why take a chance with the lifeblood of your business?

Also, it takes time to learn all of these skills. And it takes years of experience to know what to do with the MI (management information) you get from the analytics of each of these platforms. We are constantly updating our knowledge, learning the latest changes of algorithms that happen monthly and adapting our processes accordingly. It’s a full-time job! Do you have this time, on top of your everyday activities, instead of outsourcing it to the experts?

Measure the results yourselves

Whether you are currently running your own campaign, or have an agency helping you, you should see some results from the reporting you’re supplied. You’ll see how many conversions you get from each channel. But do you track them thereafter? More often than not, we fear the answer is no!

Something we encourage all of our clients to do, is measure in pounds and pence all that you get from each campaign. When someone phones, ask them where they heard about you. If you get an email in, ensure you log this on your CRM. Track each enquiry at its source to completion, and understand how much that customer spent (and ideally, kept coming back to spend).

If the enquiries aren’t of the quality you expected – feed that back into the campaign, and change it accordingly. It’s vitally important for anyone reporting back on marketing spend that they are tracing all customer’s buying journeys across the business.

Ask for flexibility

Things change over time, and your agency’s activities should change with your business. Whilst I caution this by saying it will take a few months to start to see initial results coming in from any campaign, tweaks do need to be made continuously throughout any campaign to ensure its optimised. Continuously feedback to your agency to support this.

If you have been running a campaign for a long time, say over a year, there is also potential for the management time on that activity to be reduced, allowing your agency to focus on other key areas for the same budget. Make sure you meet regularly with your agency so they can identify this with you and advise you on the best course of action.

Join us!

We’d love to help you realise your website and digital marketing’s full potential. The first stage is to call me so I can understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve – and then we’ll sort out the rest.


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As Big Red’s Sales Manager, my role is to ensure our clients see demonstrable results from their website and digital marketing strategies. I work closely with our clients to help establish specific targets for their online activity and translate this into sales/conversions.

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