Big Red Digital's Rich History of Innovation in Software Development

Big Red Digital's Rich History of Innovation in Software Development

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Off the shelf software is not our thing. Bespoke is where we come in to play. When the one-size solution no longer fits your business, you need to look for a business that can design and support elements that will become business-critial processes for you.

We can design software as unique as you are. And we’ve been doing it for over thirty years.

Our History

Big Red Digital started in the 1980s. Business has changed a lot in this time, and so have we. We’ve had to. Because we understood from early on that real business innovation is about change. New business models need new solutions. And in our experience, that means new software.

We’ve never seen software just as a way of doing things. We’ve always seen it as a strategic asset to your business. And when it comes to designing, building and maintaining software and web applications, there’s not much we haven’t done…

Back in the early days we sold accounting and retail software. Moving into the noughties we became heavily involved in web-based applications. Our unique CRM solution was one of the first on the market as a sign-up and go web-based CRM solution, at an affordable per user fee. (So common now, but so new back then).

Going from strength to strength, we moved into the American Market in 2004 with Iport Software Inc, securing major contracts in the oil industry. Next came our first Mexican client – Pisces Group Cabo - where we developed a specialist on-line reservation management system for their luxury yacht fleet. We went on to develop web-based solutions throughout the Pisces Group, expanding the client base to include real estate, catering, restaurants, and hotels.

Back home we secured business with major public and private sector clients including Spar, Virgin Trains and the NHS.  And by this time, we were firmly established in web development and digital solutions.


Our MD, Steven Blood, came on board and in 2012 we released the first version of what’s come to be known as our Big Red Platform, which is not just a website, but a web platform where you can build your online business systems. It includes CRM and CMS tools, and has the ability to link seamlessly with any exisitng software systems you need it to, including ERP systems, payment gateways or other existing legacy systems.

The platform is completely customisable. So, if you need some extra functionality or new software, we can develop too. Firstly, we find out where your business needs to go. Then our agile development team make sure you get there.

Our Successes

We’ve built an Event Management Platform for businesss including the Scottish Chambers of Commerce. We’ve added a Uniform Management Platform now being used by Caledonian MacBrayne. We've created a Squad Management Platform for Celtic Women’s FC. We’ve even developped mobile apps for the likes of SPAR and the NFUS.

Like we said, when it comes to software and web applications there’s not much we haven’t done.

Could we help you? Give us a call and we can start the conversation. 

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Hi, thanks for reading this article. I'm Big Red Digital's Managing Director and have been with the company since 2012. After starting my career in one of Glasgow's busiest advertising and design agencies, I made the natural shift to web design and digital marketing. I'm passionate about getting the very best results for our clients.

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