Looking to Develop an App for Your Business?

Looking to Develop an App for Your Business?

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You can enter the App Store on your mobile device and pretty much find an app for anything you want to do. But can you enter the App Store and find the perfect business app? One that does exactly what your business needs? Probably not.

That’s why developing your own mobile business apps makes so much sense. Let’s think about it…

Mobile Apps - The Benefits

Any time, any place, anywhere. On any device. Available 24/7. That’s how mobile apps let your business interact with your customers and your staff.

Mobile apps are incredibly powerful business tools. They can maximise customer interaction. And they can streamline business processes. They offer huge opportunities.

If your business is not yet using mobile apps, perhaps it should be.

Customer Facing Apps & Mobile Business Apps

Consider how both types of app could add value to your business…

Think about customer facing apps as your sales, marketing and customer service tools. Designed, developed, and branded properly, they can massively increase engagement with your customers. And have a big impact on sales.

Build trust, gain loyalty, and grow your customer/membership base through marketing, news and communication apps. Then increase sales via discount or loyalty schemes promoted via push notifications.

Business apps are tools that can optimise your business processes - however complex or simple. From logistics and ordering, right through to finance and HR processes, data gathering or employee interactions.

The value mobile apps add to business is clear. Both large and small companies need to understand this to survive in the modern mobile marketplace. 

At Big Red Digital we’re already developing mobile apps for our clients. Our developers can integrate the new mobile apps with your existing software systems. We can make them available on multiple platforms – including iOS, Android, and Windows. And with user experience at the heart of everything we design, your app will be delivered to the highest possible standard. Here’s a recent example ...

SPAR Scotland – Track & Trace App

SPAR Scotland, a long-standing client, needed to sort out their procurement process for cigarettes. Supply chain and regulatory issues were causing an administrative nightmare.

We developed a "Track & Trace" mobile business app to solve the problem. By digitising the whole supply chain process, integrating with all the relevant systems, triggering the required notifications and installing the Track & Trace app on the employee’s handheld PDA the problem was resolved. A quick scan of the bar code would then immediately reveal the entire supply chain journey of each little pack of cigarettes. Great result. Pain removed. Job done. 

Let Us Help You

Contact us here. We’d like to do the same for you. Apps are definitely not just to send messages or play games. They could revolutionise your business. IF you let them.

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