Lockdown Marketing Tips: Generate Content

Lockdown Marketing Tips: Generate Content

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You’ll have often heard the saying ‘content is king’. We’ve said it many times in our articles and across our website. Why? Because if you continuously produce and publish good content, it can increase your rankings on search engines. Google rewards websites with new and original content. New content will engage your audience, encouraging them to visit and come back to your site/social media pages to see something new. More useful and relevant traffic means more enquiries and sales.

But what does ‘content’ actually mean? And how can it help your marketing, especially during lockdown?

Content can mean a multitude of things. Let’s look at some of the things you can produce:


We wrote last week about the importance of writing blogs, what to put in them and how to circulate them. And don’t forget case studies – get your clients to shout about you too! Read more about that here.


Graphics are a great way to visually present something to your audience, to communicate information quickly. ‘A picture says a thousand words’ goes the other famous saying. Your images need to be visually engaging and of high quality. Should brand guidelines dictate, they may also need to be presented in a more specific and consistent way. Choose and use your images carefully. They are what will draw the eye and capture the imagination of your audience.


Videos are another great way to instantly engage with your audience. Often, the shorter they are, the more engagement you’ll get. On social media, for example, people are scrolling through their timelines and rarely stop for very long unless something really piques their interest. You simply can’t afford to use informal, ‘rough and ready’ videos. It can help to subtitle videos on social media feeds that are long, as not all videos are watched with sound.

If you have a captive audience, you can also ‘go live’ to broadcast interesting events and experiences. These can be saved to your page afterwards to allow more people to view them. This is a great way to build your audience and speak with them directly.

If you are putting videos on your website, we would advise you get someone professional to help you film and edit these. You can use video in many ways to give an overview of your business, e.g. drone shots of your premises, clips of your production line or perhaps talking head interviews.

Where you store your videos has a bearing on how easy they are to share around, and on the performance of your website. In general we recommend opening a YouTube channel for your business, storing your videos there, and then sharing them around the web or embedding into your website. This saves server space and stops hosting fees increasing.

Documents & Downloads

With more time on your hands, you may want to invest this wisely and produce some helpful white papers, or ‘how-to’ guides; whatever would be relevant to your target audience. These can be stored on your website and made accessible to people.

Use it wisely

We advise our clients to take a multi-channel approach, i.e. be visible and active on as many different platforms as you can. Reach the widest possible audience. Then you can make the same piece of content work harder for you.

This is the ideal time to start building up your content, potentially for publishing later when business returns to normal. We can always help you by planning out your content, writing elements or running your social media channels.

It all starts with a call.

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