Content Is Still King

Content Is Still King

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We have written extensively about the fact that content is king. It is an excellent way to promote your business and help drive (new) sources of leads/customers to you, and then retain them. If you’re unsure what content marketing is, read more about it here.

New research has just been published that backs up what we’ve been saying. Ascend2 regularly conduct research on content marketing, and this time they have surveyed an equal cross section of marketing professionals who run business-to-business and business-to-consumer websites in their latest research. In their own words, “The goal of a content marketing strategy is to provide helpful insights that ultimately move a target audience through the decision-making process to a desired action.”

So what can we learn from their research?

Firstly, the results that can be achieved from successful and engaging content marketing speak for themselves. 44% of businesses reported an increase in direct sales revenue, whilst 28% reported an increase in lead generated. That’s 72% of marketeers seeing a direct result on their bottom line from executing a content marketing strategy.

What counts as content?

It’s important that the ‘content’ you put out is relevant, engaging and up to date. A great start is to spend time going through old content on your website or social media and see if anything needs updated. This is an excellent way to use any archive you might have and repurpose it, to share on social media or your news section on your website.

Also see the most engaged-with types of content here, and try and plan your content strategy around those that will drive more business for you.

We can help!

We appreciate that this can be overwhelming, and often time consuming to produce. This is where we come in! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you take over your competitors by producing the most up to date content, which will ultimately generate you more leads/revenue.


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As Big Red’s Sales Manager, my role is to ensure our clients see demonstrable results from their website and digital marketing strategies. I work closely with our clients to help establish specific targets for their online activity and translate this into sales/conversions.

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